Idaho Luxe



Wayne Peterson is a licensed Idaho Realtor® in  Sandpoint, Idaho. He is the creator of Idaho Luxe, representing only premium, true luxury and prestige properties in the North Idaho lake country.

Wayne is not a lifelong Realtor®. Instead, he is an innovative marketing and sales executive. He’s repeatedly proven to be effective in very demanding assignments.

Wayne and his wife, Marilee, are not in Idaho either by birth or happenstance. Instead, they are Idahoan’s after careful research, and by a deliberate, delighted choice. They relocated to Sandpoint from Vermont.

Wayne is not the resource for all. Instead, he is the ideal agent for those preparing to sell remarkable properties and who seek highly professional representation and highly effective marketing. Wayne is not the usual and customary listing agent. Instead, he is an executive who uses an integrated marketing system, and only those methods and media proven effective for exceptional properties.

Wayne is not one to “wait and watch” while minimizing expense for his own ease and benefit. Instead, he assertively markets each property every day to deliver exceptional results.

Phone: 208.209.3499